Boost your business skills as Engineer: a Sales Story!

Herve Flutto
4 min readMay 6, 2022
The Sparksense Team in Zurich

Entrepreneurs spend vast amounts of time and resources to create, prototype, and build their technology solutions. For the market launch, they rely on like-minded people, eager to bring their technology to Market. Marco Bosco and Luca Rabezzana joined Sparksense as Engineers. They partnered with Entrepreneurs as Business Development Associates to bring unique technology to market. This is their Sales Story.

What do our Associates do?

The Art of Sales demands many skills. At Sparksense, Associates uncover how business skills can strengthen and speed up technology adoption. Marco came to Sparksense with a degree in Energy engineering and Luca in Robotics. They enhanced their technical skills with hands-on, real-life business development methodologies.

While at Sparksense, Marco worked as a Business Development Associate closely with two clients. Sensatek, a Florida based startup, provides real-time health monitoring to protect and optimize strategic industrial, aerospace, and power generation systems. Libattion, based in Switzerland, is a sustainable-nativ lithium battery provider aiming to speed up the global shift to a more sustainable energy storage technology.

Marco executed a focused outreach for his clients to prospective customers. He seeked relevant industry insight to explore new sales channels, prioritize applications, and generate qualified leads. He leveraged his technical background to build connections with decision makers at relevant technology firms. Among many others, McLaren, Siemens Energy, GE Power, and Toyota Material Handling all played roles in Marco’s growing network.

Luca’s time at Sparksense grew from similar roots. His two-year engagement with Sevensense, which develops mobile robot technology, built on his love for innovation. As the company’s success grew, so grew Luca’s involvement and skill. Contacts at ABB led to a successful partnership with Sevensense. “The interactions with their team, and with Gianluca Cesari in particular,” Luca noted, “have always been great, and I really felt like we could learn from each other.” Luca also engaged with many other clients, such as Scortex, to automate the most challenging quality inspection and centralize quality analytics. Tesseract Solutions, which produces robotic software to endow the robot with a better understanding of its environment and how to adapt to it. But also Fuzzy Logic which allows untrained users to easily interact with, control, and program industrial robots for complex applications. Through this diverse portfolio, Luca gained experience in different aspects of robotics, which ultimately worked to strengthen his holistic understanding of the industry and its intertwining with business development.

Their work was not only key for their clients to expand into the US, European, or global marketplaces. These new connections in the Energy and Robotics sectors were also a great launchpad for Marco and Luca future professional endeavors.

Ready for the next steps!

Sparksense’s unique work lies at the crossroads of business and technology. Their overlaps are essential, and as both evolve, our Business Development Associates seek new opportunities for growth.

Marco and Luca leave Sparksense with crucially developed skills. The team builds off relationships and tight collaboration to share insights from the field. This can be especially difficult for a remote team. However, strong leadership and frequent communication allow team members to forge connections across time zones.

As Luca facilitated the expansion of his clients, he noted that “independently from how good a technology is, it will always be important (and sometimes challenging) to find its place in the real world and to sell it.” A lesson all Associates learn with Sparksense experience.

Marco recalls other key insights from his time at Sparksense. Preparing a first sales pitch, choosing the right questions to ask, and qualifying leads are all on this list. These lessons will play a helpful hand in guiding him in his new role as Business Manager at Alten Group. Here, he will deal with client management, business case proposals, and team recruitment and management. He is ready for this “very challenging role, and mostly thanks to the experience gained here at Sparksense.”

Luca is also ready to take on his new role of Product Specialist at Hocoma, a leading player within Advanced Technologies for Rehabilitation. Here he will work within the Technical Customer Service team to tackle a broad variety of challenges and interact with multiple departments to ensure that the products work in the field.

Our associates come to Sparksense with extensive technical knowledge. They leave with a holistic understanding of the business behind the tech. We are lucky to have had such outstanding members of the Sparksense team and are excited to see what these next chapters bring for Marco and Luca.